How to create circled numbered list in Word 2007

Last week, I was working on a report in Word 2007. As the audience were important, I'd like to improve its appeal. The main content of report was a table of numbered items. So, I thought to make them circled. I mean surronding numbers by a circle shape, filled with colors and shadowed. I searched the web for a solution but I didn't find comprehensive answers. Then I tried myself and could reach an acceptable solution. So, I tought to write here for other people having same problem and search the web for a solution.

1- First insert an Oval shape from the Word 2007 Basic Shapes. To make it circle, keep the Shift while dropping the shape on the page. Fill it with your favorite color and use of shadow effects if you prefer.

2- Right click on the shape and click on the "Add Text" Menu. A text box will appear.

3- In the text box, define new multi-level list from Home->Paragraph->Multi-level list. Then click on "more" button and remove all tab stops and indentations.

4- To center the numbers vertically and horizontally, right click on the shape and select "Format Auto Shape". Go to layout tab for Horizontal alignment and text box tab for vertical aligment.

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