Why I finally switched from Yahoo! mail to Gmail?

Since I started to use Internet in 2000, I used Yahoo! Mail service for personal E-mail communication. I remained loyal to Yahoo! as a classic user, even in these years that many competitors like Gmail put Yahoo! beyond. I resisted to relocate to other services while I had shared my Yahoo! e-mail address with many ones and was reluctant to tolerate burdens of moving my inbox, contacts, folders and etc to a new service. Anyway, in recent months, Yahoo! made me real upset with its new blockage policy while sending emails to my personal list of contacts including friends and relatives. Yahoo! reasons that it has detected suspicious activity and most of the time asked me to verify my identity through CAPTCHA mechanism and I was blocked yet for undetermined period of sending e-mails to a list of 10-15 recipients. Nevertheless, I waited about two months for a probable tuning to their detection and classification algorithms but the situation didn’t change. Meanwhile, old problems in Yahoo! like incorrect support of bi-directional editing for Persian and other Right-to-Left languages and lack of free support of mail clients, highlighted in my mind. At the end of the road, I found that I cannot resist against this change. Now, I’m quitting Yahoo! while I liked to stay with it.

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منم مدتی که با یک مجموعه همکاری می کردم، مجبور به استفاده از جیمیل خاک گرفته م شدم. امکانات و آپشن هایی که جیمیل برای کاربراش فراهم کرده و راحتی استفاده از اون ها، دیدم رو عوض کرد و الان نمی تونم ازش دل بکنم. امیدوارم همکاری من و جیمیل ادامه داشته باشه، چون همچنان از اسباب کشی استقبال نمی کنم! :)


Although u r right,i'd rather to stay w yahoo!!


خوشحالم که از این تعصب ت دست برداشتی [شوخی] آخه یاهو هم هم شد ایمیل!؟ حالا کی آدرس جیمیلت رو علنی می کنی؟ به ما که از همون آدرس فکستنی ایمیل می زنی هنوز. این انگلیسی نوشتنت هم ما رو یاد حسن کلیدساز انداخت؛ آن هنگام که خواست به ملت آمریکا پیام بدهد[لبخند][تماس][زبان][بغل]

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I had this problem like you. I told you that yahoo! mail know me as a spam! After a week & communicate with yahoo! support, I switched to Gmail. & I'm very Satisfied now.