Thinkpad X1 Carbon Power Manager - Windows 10 issue

I recently upgraded my Windows 7 on Thinkpad X1 Carbon to Windows 10. After upgrade, I realized that my favorite "Power Manager" applicatoin (part of ThinkVantage Tools) is not functioning anymore. Since, I'm very cautious about my battery lifespan, I use "Battery maintenance" features available in this application.

I searched the web, forums etc a lot and didn't find any clue. Reviewing the application web page, I understood there's no official release which supports Windows 10 and there's no alternative solution.

Anyway, I eventually could resolve the problem by making it forced to run in compatibility mode. To do so, right click on application executable file which is located here: "C:\Program Files (x86)\ThinkPad\Utilities" and choose "Troubleshoot Compatibilities". Then choose "Troubleshoot program" and select "The program worked in earlier versions of Windows ..." and select your early version of windows before upgrade and save the settings.

It worked for me and I hope it helps others who may face similar issue.

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سیدنا خلاصه ما این 10 رو نصب بکنیم یا نه. هم لپتاپم نوتیفای کرده، هم تبلت. شما چه توصیه ای برای بینندگان دارید؟ :)