Shame to Dubai Airport, Terminal 3

This week I was forced to pass through Dubai Airport, Terminal 3 security, two times in a return trip, to catch a connecting flight. All passengers were needed to pass through security check that is understandable and reasonable but in an impolite and unpleasant manner. Because of some metalic instances in my shoes I was asked to remove my shoes to pass through scanners but neither slippers nor foot covers were availalbe to wear. When I compalined service staff that as ground is not clean, I can not remove my shoes without wearing some alternate thing, they refused to assist me in this regard. I've never experienced such a dumb behaviour in any other airport.

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unfortunately, this is the new normal,for example they do it in us for everybody.



Yes, exactly as you said. I agree, this feels humiliating/disrespected in the first times. Then when it's done more and more to everybody, you get used to it (so I call it the new normal). I think the trick here is that, they tell everybody to remove the belt and shoe, so that you dont have to go through the scanner again.